Kultivate Labs is a Non-profit Economic Development and Arts Organization.

We create thriving commercial ecosystems by accelerating businesses that preserve culture and community. We provide space and opportunities for the arts to flourish so that commercial activities are activated and reflect the community at large.



Development Without the Community and Preservation of Culture is a Thing of the Past.

Times are changing. The absence of soul, authenticity, and community benefit leads to a downward spiral into a sea of sameness.

We believe that the involvement of the community and the arts plus the preservation of culture is essential to the long term success of any commercial ecosystem.



After World War II, San Francisco Became a Testing Ground for the Urban Renewal Movement that Took Hold Across the Country.

Urban renewal involved the relocation of businesses, the demolition of communities, the displacement of people, and the use of eminent domain (government purchase of property for public purpose) as a legal instrument to take private property for city-initiated development projects.

San Francisco's culturally rich Western Addition, Fillmore, and South of Market Area (SOMA) neighborhoods were uprooted to make way for new development.

A New Cultural District

To reverse this trend, in April of 2016, San Francisco's Board of Supervisors passed legislation that would turn a large part of the SOMA into a Filipino Cultural district called SOMA Pilipinas.



What Started as the Economic Development Strategy of San Francisco's Soma Pilipinas Cultural District Will Become Our Model for Community Conscious Development.

Recognizing that there was huge a gap between what the Filipino community needed to develop its cultural district and what was available to accomplish this task, our founder Desi Danganan was inspired to start Kultivate Labs.

The Filipino people, like many people of color have been marginalized for centuries. They were forced into a worldwide diaspora to seek a better life as blue collar laborers, sailors, soldiers, nannies, entertainers, etc.

Many children of the Filipino diaspora have overcome the challenges of marginalization and have risen to the highest levels of education and prominence. No matter what level of success, they all posses the potential, talent, and drive to succeed.

Now we're given a golden opportunity to live up to our potential by abandoning the colonial mindset that's plagued our people and signal the start of a new Filipino Business Renaissance. Kultivate Labs is the culmination of our forefathers' struggles and a new chapter of the American Dream.

If we're successful in creating a thriving commercial community for SOMA Pilipinas, then we can take this model and apply to other communities seeking to develop themselves in a socially conscious way.