Creating a Vibrant Center for Cultural Wealth

Serving our regional Filipina/o/x community through sustainable cultural programming



A Series of Pop-Up’s


June 2019


Desi Danganan
Gina Mariko Rosales
Kimberley Acebo Arteche

Cultural Center

Starting June 2019, Kultivate Labs commences a new endeavor with the creation of a new Filipino American Cultural Center, rooted in community responsiveness and grounded in sustainability. Our vision involves the need for open community dialogue to steer the design, programming, and execution of a cultural center that wholly serves our evolving community in a way that is rooted in our history, conscious of the present, and reflective of what our future can be.



We envision programming and the design of a space where youth, families, seniors, and community members can celebrate their collective history while building their hope and vision for a thriving community.

Invest in Cultural

Activating both historic and new locations in the South of Market, Kultivate Labs is investing $100,000 of our budget to building programming that reflects the rich cultural history of the Philippines and Filipinos in America.


Community-Driven Artistic Vision

Kultivate Labs is partnering with SoMa legacy arts organizations to fortify the cultural presence of our community through collaborative projects and artist-driven initiatives.



Built on Kultivate Labs’ foundations in economic development, our team is committed to building a self-sustainable center to counter the challenges of gentrification and development in our neighborhood.