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The Merchant Association


Google Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce and you'll find a dead website. Doe this mean there are no Filipino entrepreneurs? NO! 

There Filipino-American entrepreneurs all over the Bay Area in fields as diverse as food and beverage, the arts, media, technology, design, and finance. Our goal is to find the leaders of the new school and build a new entrepreneurial community focused on building SOMA Pilipinas.


What we’ve accomplished:



In 6 short months we've gathered over 150 entrepreneurs (and growing) in a variety of industries to learn about SOMA Pilipinas and will be the foundation of the Merchant Association.



We have identified over 25 businesses interested in opening or relocating a store or office to the cultural district.



After surveying all of the entrepreneurs that have attended our meet-ups we've learned that they need a variety of services like fundraising, mentorship, brand, etc to open a business in the cultural district. With this data, we are going to develop programs internally or partner with other service providers to strengthen entrepreneurs coming to SOMA Pilipinas.