Establishing Vibrant Cultural and Commercial Ecosystems

OUR PROGRAM program serves to strengthen the local community, create jobs, and boost economic activity.



SF Mint


August 2017


Gina Mariko Rosales
Desi Danganan
Kevin Pelgone
Ron Benitez
Emerson Aquino
Raul Navalta
Mark Enriquez
Mark Herlihy
Marco Jastillana

Night Markets

The Night Market is a curated series of indoor/outdoor markets to engage the community, promote the SOMA Pilipinas Filipino Cultural Heritage District, and provide opportunities for Filipino businesses and other diverse businesses to sell their products. 

The Historic Old Mint on 5th and Mission St.

The Historic Old Mint on 5th and Mission St.


A survey conducted by SOMA Pilipina’s business working group of over 150 entrepreneurs found that many businesses are struggling to do business in San Francisco. Some of the factors cited are skyrocketing real estate costs and tightened regulations in lending from banks. Additionally, low-income residents, immigrants including Filipinos, middle class workers and artists, are finding it increasingly difficult to remain in San Francisco without jobs that build their skills to enter the labor pool.



Boost Economic Activity

Inspired by the great Night Markets of Asia and around the world, our monthly Night Markets will build an opportunity for fledging home-based businesses, local merchants and artists to generate ~$55,0000* revenue without the financial barriers of leasing or building out a retail space.



Strengthen Local Community

By bring together local businesses, the arts, non-profits, and residents of the Bay Area to break bread, shop, and gather we'll strengthen the bonds that create a community. We plan to attract ~35,000 annually to the cultural district with the Night Markets.



Create Jobs

Artists, entrepreneurs, youth, job-seekers employed finding it increasingly difficult to remain in San Francisco without jobs that build their skills to enter the labor pool. Our monthly Night Markets will generate 2,976 labor hours across a wide variety of industry sectors + employ 108 artists. 



Develop a Strong Operational Foundation

To prepare fledging businesses for success, we offer valuable skill-set building workshops thru our partner Renaissance. Successful concepts will be referred to a more intensive suite of consulting that will provide them with free branding, marketing, legal services, and more.



The Night Markets will take place at the monthly at Old Mint on  Each event will feature local merchants, artists, live music, food trucks, kid-friendly activities, SOMA history and services, as well as themed performances. 



Every Night Market will have a vibrant food program. Each event will feature new concepts from our Business Accelerator program as well as emerging and creative food concepts from all over the bay.



The Night Markets will feature a performance stage with rotating themes every month from dance performances, to DJ's, live music, spoken word and more.



Each Night Market event will host a curated selection of emerging Filipino and Non-Filipino merchants to showcase San Francisco's creativity and cultural diversity. We'll be drawing from a wide variety of businesses such as craft, furniture, fashion, art, and more.



Community building is a major component of the Night Market.  Every Night Market will feature exhibitions highlighting SOMA's rich cultural history as well as space for local community organizations.



Each event aims to show people another side of SOMA. Through curated programming and thematic decor, every Night Market will provide people with an unforgettable experience.